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Manages and stores data on SARS engagements
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South African Revenue Service

Control, update and organize your engagements with SARS regarding tax-paying operations by inputting the relevant data in the dedicated windows of the application and performing automated calculations, assigning due dates, tracking the status of specific affairs, etc.

This program is issued by the South Africa Revenue System to help employers to prepare and submit their employees' PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax returns. For a program of this nature, its interface is not as dull as other similar software, although it has lots of options, all of them somewhat crammed in the left column.

The program lets you enter your information as an employee, as well as that of your employers for accounting purposes. Also, you can edit this information, and add other documents pertinent to the tax paying process.

In general, it is a very specialized program that will be useful only to taxpayers working in South Africa, so if you live in any other country, you may want to search for the program that best corresponds to your situation.

Please note that you need to provide information such as your registration number, your telephone, and your e-mail address before downloading the program. Also, you will need to have Java 7 version installed in your system for the program to run properly. If you don't have it, the installation wizard will ask you if you want to install it automatically. Nevertheless, if you have a more updated version, you will need to uninstall it and reinstal version 7 in order to use the program.

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  • The program is free to download and use
  • It helps users to deliver they tax returns in the South Africa Revenue System


  • It is useful only for South Africa tax payers
  • The installation file is massive
  • The program needs Java 7, so if you have a later version, you will need to uninstall it
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